Swisspearl Panel

Product informationColoursDownloadsMore productsColourlineSwisspearl Panel For easy covering of larger areasSwisspearl Panel is a large fibre cement sheet suitable for use when you want to cover larger areas or hard–to-reach places. It is especially well-suited for replacing plywood used in areas frequently exposed to rain and humidity like fascia boards, bargeboards, soffit and on dormer windows. …

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Swisspearl Deco

Rustic and coatedDeco features a rustic coated surface for ventilated facades. The directional grain of the board is subtly visible through the paint – adding a smooth yet natural look to the painted Deco panel. The combination of the delicate structure and the true nature of  Swisspearl’s fibre cement boards – requiring only limited maintenance …

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[ Talkshow ] Architects, not Architecture – Los Angeles Edition

Virtual World Tour – Los Angeles Edition Starting in November 2020, Virtual World Tour “visit” selected countries around the world to meet some architects. At our sixth event of the tour, we will “visit” Los Angeles and meet two of its most remarkable architects. On Wednesday, January 20th, 2021 live from 10:30 to 12:00 PST Los …

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