Swisspearl Gravial

Mặt dựng rãnh 3D độc đáo

Gravial là tấm xi măng sợi khổ lớn mới với bề mặt có rãnh hình học tuyến tính. Với độ tương phản phong phú, Gravial là sự giao thoa độc đáo giữa ánh sáng và bóng tối, là lựa chọn lý tưởng của thiết kế ngoại thất và vách ngăn nội thất.

Color line

Swisspearl Gravial

Structure through linear milling

Gravial is a naturally dried fibre cement board with a linear milled surface structure and glazing coating. Gravial’s linear milling creates an impressive play of light and shadow, depending on the time of day and the angle of view. With the exception of one brown tone, the colour line moves in soft grey tones from white to black. The transition from light to dark in just a few steps is successful particularly because of the subtle shadows created on each panel. Gravial gives shape to dynamic, lively building envelopes.

Base panelthrough-colored, grey based
Colors6 colors, harmoniously matched to the panel core

»Linear milled, with high-contrast light and shadow effects for an impressive appearance of the facade.«

Swisspearl Gravial – Available colors

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Swisspearl sheets are mineral products and therefore non-combustible. They have excellent fire behavior values. A property that provides the necessary safety, especially for dense construction.


Frost resistant
Fiber cement is extremely weather and frost resistant due to its natural properties.

Sound Insulation

The very good sound insulation values of fiber cement facade cladding ensures a quiet and pleasant living environment.

Durability and Maintenance free

Swisspearl panels are durable, extremely resistant and maintenance-free in their use. Their highly resistant surface finish does not require repainting even after years.

Sustainable and Efficient

Long-lasting and economical
The incomparably durable Swisspearl panels optimally protect the facade structure from any weather or external influences, thus guaranteeing a long-lasting, safe and maintenance-free building envelope for decades.

Custom made products



Perforations give the facade or interior wall an exciting surface look, let a lot of natural light into the building and break out of the usual design.



Geometric shapes, individual patterns, company logos or image motifs can be engraved on individual panels or across multiple panels.

Special Cut

Free forms and cutting

With individual cuts or free forms, unconventional building formations and facade designs can be created.

Custom Color

Custom Colors

Thanks to decades of experience in the field of color theory and coating technology, we offer the ability to create custom colors in NCS, RAL and Pantone shades. Special colors are possible within the color lines Carat, Nobilis and Planea.

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